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CT Horse Council collection of images

[img src=]2130State Capital
No Child Left Behind 2010
[img src=]910Barts Lucheonette 2010
Yum, good food
[img src=]870VHP Horses Beautiful Overview
Hitched Up at Barts
[img src=]890Bridge Overlook at Barts
VHP Horses
[img src=]850VHP Horses
Hitched Up at Barts
[img src=]760Meg, Sandy, Jesse
Eating at Barts
[img src=]780Barts
Barts Luncheonette added a new hitching post for riders.
[img src=]750Daisy & Bucky
Heading out to Barts
[img src=]760Jesse & Sandy
Heading out to Barts
[img src=]820Meg, Jesse & Sandy
Heading out to Barts
[img src=]770Dizzy - Allison Thomas
Rolling around
[img src=]640Dizzy - Allison Thomas
[img src=]500Jim Griffin's By the Water