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Disclaimer: CT Horse Council does not represent or endorse events listed on this page. Events are posted solely for the purpose of helping our equine friends in Connecticut.


Saturday  April 22, 2017

Eastern CT Draft Horse Association  2017  Annual Plow Match & Obstacle Competition

  University of Connecticut Lee Farm

Corner of Rte. 44 & North River Road, Coventry, CT

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Rain date April 23, 2017

Sign-up 8:30am

Obstacles Start at 10:00 am

Teamsters Meeting 10:30am

Plowing Starts – 11:00am Sharp

Proof of current Rabies, Coggins, (and health certificate for out of state entries) must be presented before horses are unloaded as required by the State of Connecticut – No exceptions

 Coffee and Donuts will be available for purchase at this event.

Bring your own lunch and water for your horses.

 For plowing, we will start with team walking plow. Second will be the Junior Plow. Third will be the men’s/lady’s sulky one-way. Final is Multiple Hitch

 Plowing Classes

Team Walking – Men’s & Lady’s

Team Sulky One way – Men’s & Lady’s

Junior Plow

Multiple Hitch

Plowing Judge:  Wes Hopkins

Plowing Rules

  • Plots will be clearly marked with number on outside boundaries.
  • All teamsters will be ready to plow in the order of plot.
  • High Point Plowing Ribbon and prize will be awarded to the teamster in the           plowing division with the most accumulated placement points.
  • 6 ribbons will be awarded in each class and point value will be as follow:

1st place – 60 points; 2nd place – 50 points; 3rd place – 40 points

4th place – 30 points; 5th place = 20 points; 6th place = 10 points

 To be eligible to qualify for Teamster of the Day, competitors must compete in at       least one plowing event and one obstacle event.

  • No bicycles will be allowed for the safety of horses and people as well.
  • Animals must be in safe control of teamsters at all times

Details of event subject to change at the discretion of the committee.

Animals deemed to be unsafe by the committee may be asked to leave the event for the safety of all.

 Obstacle Classes

  Team Stone Boat * Junior Team Stone Boat

Single Stone Boat * Junior Single Stone Boat

Obstacle Team * Junior Obstacle Team

Obstacle, Single * Junior Obstacle, Single

 Obstacle Judge: Gene Swistowich

 Obstacle and Log Skid Rules

  • Teamsters under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Obstacle course will close at 4:00pm so that Teamster of the Day can be determined.
  • Teamsters only competing in Obstacles and/or Stone Boat must complete their field events between 10:00am and 1:00PM. If there is no one using the course, competitors who are plowing can complete their obstacle/stone boat course.
  • Obstacle/stone boat course will closed from 1:00pm to 1:30pm for lunch.
  • Course will reopen at 1:30 for plowing competitors only.
  • Time starts when teamster enters the ring (ground driving).
  • Time stops when teamster leaves the ring (ground driving)
  • Teamster must follow the course.
  • The use of butt straps and/or yokes will be optional.
  • The teamster with the lowest score will be the winner.
  • First through sixth place ribbons will be awarded in each class.
  • High Point Ribbon and trophy will be awarded to the teamster in the Obstacle Division with the most accumulated placement points.
  • 5 points will be added for each ball knocked off cone. 10 points will be added for each cone knocked over.
  • Time counts only if there is a tie for points.


A message of thanks to all of the club members and friends who worked so hard to make this event a success.  Members helped out in many ways from publicity, expertise, humor, set-up, arranging for creature comforts, registration, & moral support.

ECDHA meets the third Tuesday of every month at Blue Slope Country Museum in N. Franklin @ 7:00pm.

All are welcome.

For more information on the club please visit our website at www.easternctdrafthorse.com

 Plow Match Chairman:  Erica Brenek

Committee Members:  Gene Swistowich, Gary Kincad, Jackie Smakula, Dave Bradham, Terry Joesph, Zoe Freese



SAT & SUN, APRIL 22-23

Equine Wellness Fair 2017

10-5pm        $15 per person per day       $25 2-day pass     Rain or Shine

Join us for a day on the Farm exploring new and ancient alternative and complementary therapies applied to the Equine world.

Lectures and demonstrations to begin at 10:15 topics include:

 Holistic nutrition, Myofascial Release, yoga on horseback, saddle fitting, homeopathic medicine, reiki, acupuncture, aromatherapy, going barefoot, emergency response and much more!!

Meet the experts and experience firsthand the healing powers of the industry’s most powerful and consistent Photonic light therapy instrument the “Aah Light”. Watch the Bluetooth technology of the Equinosis lameness diagnostic tool in action. Discover local practitioners or the healing arts of Reiki and compression massage!

Casey Sugarman

Casey has been gathering unique experiences as an animal behaviorist and also as an organizational operations expert for many years. Sugarman spent 10 years in exotic animal case management as veterinary biologist at Boston’s New England Aquarium and was co-designer of the Aquarium’s Public-Interactive Veterinary Hospital. Sugarman has translated decades of behavior/choice-intense experience into applications that improve human social dynamics.

 The schedule is now online and yes there will be some changes but I think it looks fantastic.  I hope you will agree.



Sunday May 21st, 2017 

Rain Date June 18th




Both Rings and Hunt Course open for schooling until show begins.  After that schooling $5/round prior to class.

Manager has right to change or adjust classes and/or schedule.  



Ring 1  8:30 am Ring 2   8:30am Hunt Course 9am
101 Open Equitation Flat

102 Open Equit O/F 2’6”

103 Open Equit O/F 2’6”

104 Hunters 2’6” O/F

105 Hunters 2’6” O/F

106 Hunters 2’6” u/s

601 FC4-H  Clover 2’6” Medal Class

107 Children’s Equit Flat

108 Children’s Equit 2’3”

109 Children’s Equit 2’3”

110 Hunters 2’0” O/F

111 Hunters 2’0” O/F

112 Hunters 2’0” u/s

602 FC4-H Clover 2’0” Medal Class

124 Leadline- Walk Only

125 Advanced Lead- W/T

113 SS Equit. Flat (W/T)

114 SS Equit. Flat (W/T/C)

115 SS Equit. 18” x-rails

116 SS Equit.18” x-rails

117 LS Equit. Flat (W/T)

118 LS Equit. Flat (W/T/C)

119 Lt Equit. 18” x-rails

120 LS Equit. 18” x-rails

121 18” Crossrail  Hunters

122 18” Crossrail  Hunters 123 18” Crossrail Hunt U/S

603 FC4-H Clover 18” x-rail Medal

Tentative Lunch Break

Stick horse race for youth under 10  Stick horses provided

126 Advanced W/T Equit

127 Adv. W/T Equit 12” x’s

128 Adv. W/T Equit 12” x’s

129 Intermediate WT Equit

130 Inter. W/T Ground poles

131 Inter. W/T Grd poles

132 Beg W/T Equitation

133 Beg W/T Pleasure

134 Beg W/T Command

135 Walk/Trot Pleasure

136 Walk/Trot Pleasure

137 Walk/Trot Pleasure


201 Walk/Jog Equitation

202 Walk/Jog Pleasure

203 Walk/Jog Command

205 Walk/Jog/Lope Equit

206 Walk/Jog/Lope Pleasure

207 W/J/L Command

209 Color Horse Equitation

210 Color Horse Pleasure

211 Color Horse Command

212 Horse/Pony Pleasure

213 Horse/Pony Pleasure

214 Horse/Pony Pleasure


Schooling in Ring


Trail Classes- riders must complete trail course prior to 11 am

204 walk/jog

208 walk/jog/lope



VSE Starting no earlier than 11:30

401Adult VSE Halter

402Adult Disc. In-Hand

403Youth VSE Halter

404  Youth Disc In-Hand

405  Adult Jumper In-Hand

406  Youth Jumper In-Hand

407  Adult Obstacle In-Hand

408 Youth Obstacle In-Hand

421 Adult VSE Turnout

422 Adult  Reinsmanship

423Adult Working Pleasure

424Youth VSE Turnout

425Adult Reinsmanship

426  Youth Working Pleas

427  Youth VSE Cones

428  Adult VSE Cones







301 Green Hunter 2’0”O/F

302 Green Hunter 2’0”O/F

303 Green Hunter 2’0”O/F

304 Green Hunter U/S

305 Low  Hunter 2’3”O/F

306 Low  Hunter 2’3”O/F

307 Low  Hunter 2’3”O/F

308 Low Hunter U/S

309 Handy Hunter 2’3”O/F

310 Handy Hunter 2’3”O/F

311 Handy Hunter 2’3”O/F

312 Handy Hunter U/S

313 Hunter Pleasure

314 Hunter Pleasure

315 Hunter Pleasure

604 Kentucky Classic Medal Class





For More Information  203-207-3264;

For a prize book www.fairfieldcounty4h.org    or call 203-207-8440